Benefits - Contributory Old Age Pension/Grant


Increase in pensionable age

Since January 1, 2006,the pensionable age was increased from 65 – 67. This measure sees an incremental increase by 6 months added to the pensionable age every four years, and will reach 67 on January 1, 2018.

January, 2006 the pensionable age would be 65 years, 6 months

January, 2010 the pensionable age would be 66 years
January 2014 the pensionable age would be 66 years, 6 months
January 2018 the pensionable age would be 67 years

Pension Reform

January 1st 2003, Pension Reform brought about changes including the introduction of flexible
retirement/pensionable ages.

This means that you can now retire at any age between 60 and 70. For more
information visit the Pension Reform site.

Pension or Grant?

Contributory Old Age Pension/Grant

To qualify for an old age contributory grant you must be of pensionable age and have at least 50 contributions
paid or credited to your account. The grant is a lump sum payment.


To receive a pension you must have at least 150 contributions actually paid into your account and a total of 500 contributions paid or credited to your account

How is the grant calculated?

It’s equal to 6 weeks’ average insurable earnings for each 50 weekly contributions actually paid or credited to
your account. It is a lump sum equal to 6 weeks average insurable weekly earnings for each 50 contributions
actually paid or credited to the insured person’s account

What’s the calculation for pension?

Important points to note:

• There is an Old Basis Pension Calculation and a New Basis Pension Calculation implemented January 1, 2003.

• Pension calculations therefore depend on an applicant’s age on December 31,2002, the day before Pension
Reform was implemented

There are 3 different bases on which the NIS pension is calculated:

If you were 56 years or older on December 31, 2002 your pension would be calculated using the Old Basis
Pension Calculation.

If you were under 47 years old on December 31, 2002, your pension would be calculated using the New Basis
Pension Calculation.

Those not falling into either of the above categories i.e. those whose ages range between 47 and 56 will use 50%
of the New Basis Pension Calculation and 50% of the Old Basis Pension Calculation

Old Basis Pension Calculation

The annual rate is calculated as 40% of your average annual insurable earnings. It is supplemented by 1% of the
total insurable earnings on which contributions were based subsequent to the first 500 contributions paid or
credited. 60% of average annual insurable earnings is the maximum pension you can receive and since in 2009
$148 per week is the minimum.

New Basis Pension Calculation

The pension is calculated based on contributions paid over the insured’s work life, and the annual average
insurable earnings over the best five years.

The average is calculated by taking 2% per year of the average annual insurable earnings for the first 20 years,
the 1.25% for the remaining years.

This pension is also capped at 60% average annual insurable earnings.

50 weeks of contribution is equivalent to 1 year.

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