Employers - Useful Tips

Give your employees access to the earnings schedule returned by the NIS

These tips will help you ensure that your contributions are paid properly and on time and that forms are completed correctly.


1. All employers must register with the National Insurance Office to get a registration number. This number is
used as an identifier for national insurance purposes.

2. If you change your business name or address you should let the department know immediately.

3. Use your legal name in schedules.

4. You must submit an application to the National Insurance Office for each eligible worker. For more details
read the “Employers Handbook”.

5. Follow the specific guidelines when completing schedules.


1. Pay contributions every month – on or before the 15th.

2. If you don’t pay on time you’ll face fines or other penalties.

3. You must pay contributions for each employee whether the employee is full-time or not. There are, however,
certain exceptions. For more details read the “Employers Handbook”.

4. Submit the fully completed Earnings Schedule, Earnings & Contribution Schedule or computerised report
whichever is appropriate, each month.

5. Payments must be made by crossed cheque to the Director, National Insurance.

6. Mail your contribution cheques to the National Insurance Office, pay in person or use our online payment method.

7. Don’t send cash in the mail.

8. Give your employees access to the copy of the Earnings Schedule returned by the insurance office.

9. Allow your employees to see the Earning Schedule relevant to them. (not necessary more than once a quarter)

10. Submit Termination of Services/lay-off Certificate promptly.

11. Cooperate with officials of the National Insurance Office who are here to help you.

12. Submit original documents only.

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