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Contribution quarter

A three-month period in which contributions are made on your behalf. There are four contribution quarters in a
calendar year. They end on: o March 31 o June 30 o September 30 o December 31.

Contribution week

The period of seven days commencing from midnight between Sunday and Monday.

Waiting days

The first three days after a medical certificate is issued.

Average insurable weekly earnings

This is a term used when calculating Sickness Benefit.

It is the sum of insurable earnings on which contributions are based over the contribution quarter but one before
the quarter in which the first day of a continuous period of incapacity for work began.

This total is then divided by the number of weeks in that quarter to get the average insurable weekly earnings.

Period of confinement

The period in which the claimant is incapable of work.

Pensionable age

This is the age at which you become eligible to receive an NIS pension./>Pensionable age – 65 ½ – Year it takes effect – 2006
Pensionable age – 66 – Year it takes effect – 2010
Pensionable age – 66 ½ – Year it takes effect – 2014
Pensionable age – 67 – Year it takes effect – 2018