Self-Employed - Employer or Self-employed

“As a self-employed person in Barbados you pay contributions, whether you’re from Trinidad or Timbucktu”

How do I know if I’m self-employed?

You’re self-employed if you are between ages 16 and pensionable age and employed in Barbados. But your
employment will not be under a contract in accordance with Section 12 of the National Insurance and Social
Security Act, 1966 e.g. partnership, sole traders, medical practitioners and other professionals in private

Suppose I’m a shareholder in a company, am I self-employed?

If you’re a majority shareholder in a limited liability company and involved in the day-to-day operations of the
company you may be seen as self-employed. You should check with the National Insurance Department to
confirm your insurability status.

I’m British, do I have to pay contributions while I work here?

Nationality makes no difference so contributions must be paid whether or not you’re Barbadian.

I work here for an American textile company that has no local office, what’s my status?

If you’re employed in Barbados by an employer who does not live here and has no place of business here you
are self-employed.

I work here as the Honorary Consul of Trinidad and Tobago, what’s my status?

If you’re a national of another country but are employed in Barbados by your government in a diplomatic or
military role you are not liable to be insured either as self-employed or as an employed person.

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